How to Configure WP Rocket Plugin (2023)

How to Configure WP Rocket Plugin

Hey Reader, So you want to increase your page speed on GT Metrix or any other page speed test website, and you want to make your website fast. So here in this post, I am going to tell you about how you can do that with the help of a Premium Plugin WP Rocket

There’s a lot to fret about once you run some or all of your enterprise online. Managing your website’s upkeep, safety and efficiency are simply among the belongings you’ll deal with on high of bringing in traffic and earning revenue.

We’ve written about these matters a myriad of times on this blog, but we’re going to give attention to one on this submission, particularly how to speed up your WordPress website with a premium caching plugin known as WP Rocket.

Short Intro of WP Rocket Plugin

WP Rocket Plugin

WP Rocket is a premium cache plugin available for WordPress users, as previously stated, but it provides a lot of extras. Using WP Rocket Plugins you can optimize HTML, CSS, and JS files, lazyload media, cache CDN content, optimize your database, and extra features are also added in this plugin.

This put-up is designed for new WP Rocket customers. We’re going to cover every part it’s good to know to arrange a primary configuration of this plugin, beginning with methods to set up it

First, let’s discover out what you’re working with so you can see simply how a lot of WP Rocket improves your website’s performance.

You can buy a license for this plugin for as little as $49. If you really want to speed up your WordPress website, I recommend you go with these plugins.

  • Features of WP Rocket Plugin
WP Rocket Plugin Features

These are the key features of the WP Rocket Plugin

You can increase the speed of your WordPress website easily using this plugin.

  • Pricing of WP Rocket Plugin
WP Rocket Pricing

Pricing of WP Rocket Plugin. Purchase this According to your need and budget.

So now I am assuming you have successfully purchased the WP Rocket Plugin, now is time to install the plugin and configure it to it’s best setting to increase the overall performance of your blog.

  • How to Install WP Rocket Plugin?
  1. Download the ZIP file after purchasing the WP-Rocket Plugin.
  2. Open your WordPress Admin Dashboard.
  3. Go to Plugins>Add New and then Click on upload plugin.
Install WP Rocket

4. Click on Install Now and Activate the Plugin.

Now WP Rocket plugin is successfully installed and activated on your website.

It’s time to configure the plugins to their best settings.

  • Configuration of WP Rocket Plugin
  1. To open the Settings of WP Rocket.
  2. Hover the Cursor to Setting and Click on WP Rocket.
  3. After Clicking on it, you will be redirected to WP Rocket Plugin Dashboard.
WP Rocket

1. Cache Option in WP Rocket Plugin

Do the same setting as you can see in the above image.

In the Cache Section of WP Rocket Plugin, you will get

  • Mobile Cache – Enable both options of Mobile Cache (Check the Image)
  • User Cache – Enable the Option of User Cache

and then click on save changes. Now the Cache section has been successfully configured. Let’s move forward to another section.

2. File Optimization in WP Rocket

WP Rocket CSS File Optimization

In this File optimization section, you can see two sub-items, one is the CSS files and the second one is Javascript Files. we are configuring the CSS files first. So again you have to do the same settings as you can see in the above image.

  • Minify CSS – Enable this option
  • Combine CSS Files – Enable this option
  • Excluded CSS Files – Leave this option as it is
  • Optimize CSS Delivery – Enable this option
WP Rocket Javascript File Optimization

Scroll down and you will get another thing in the File Optimization section called Javascript Files, you have to configure this section also.

  • Remove JQuery Migrate – Leave this option as it is
  • Minify Javascript Files – Enable this option
  • Combine Javascript Files – Enable this option
  • Load Javascript Deferred – Enable this option
  • Safe Mode For JQuery – Enable this option
  • Display Javascript Execution – Leave this as it is

Then click on Save Changes.

3. Media in WP Rocket

WP Rocket Media Optimization

In the Media section in the WP Rocket Plugin, you have to configure those options too for better optimization. Let’s do it.

First in the Lazy Load Section

  • Enable For Images – Enable this option
  • Enable For iFrames and Videos – Enable this option

2nd is the Emoji Section

  • Disable Emoji – Enable this option
  • Embeds – If you will embed content from Facebook and Twitter you can enable this otherwise you can disable this option, or leave it as it is.
  • WebP Compatibility – Enable the WebP Caching

4. Preload in WP Rocket

WP Rocket Preload

In the Preload Section in the WP Rocket Plugin, you have to configure some settings for the best caching cleanup.

In the First Section Preload Cache

  • Activate Preloading – Enable this Option
  • Activate sitemap-based cache preloading – Leave this option as it is

Second Preload Links Section

  • Enable link Preloading – Leave this option as it is.

The last 2 sections Prefetch DNS Requests, Preload Fonts, just leave these two options blank.

5. Advanced Rules

Advanced Options

Leave the Advanced Rules as it is.

Don’t change anything about this option.

6. Database

Database WP Rocket

In this Database Section, you will see many options for cleanup.

You have to configure all of them one by one for better server performance, and it will help you to decrease your overall page size which is using by the unused items.

You can back up your website prior to optimizing your database. Fortunately, most quality hosts provide daily backups these days.

Enable each option on this web page besides Auto Drafts (to prevent shedding pages and posts in progress, especially when you have a number of users creating them), and click Optimize to clean the database instantly.

In the First Section Post Cleanup

  • Revisions – Enable this option
  • Auto Drafts – Enable this option
  • Trashed Posts – Enable this option

In the Next Section Comments Cleanup

  • Spam Comments – Enable this option
  • Trashed Comments – Enable this option

In the Next Section Transients Cleanup

  • Expired Transients – Enable this option
  • All Transients – Enable this option

In the Database Cleanup

  • Optimize Tables – Enable this option

In the Next Section Automatic Section

  • Schedule Automatic Cleanup

You can enable this option as per your choice. If you want to schedule the clean up then you can definitely enable this option.

7. CDN in WP Rocket

In this CDN section

Enable the option Enable Content Delivery Network

and leave the other things as default.

  • Conclusion

So Now You have fully optimized your website with the entire different options WP Rocket presents, run a few remaining checks with GtMetrix, Google Page Speed Insights, and Pingdom to see how a lot additional your website’s performance is has improved.

As you can see, WP Rocket is among the best caching options to configure in addition to one of the efficient. Like I stated, most websites will see the biggest improvement upon activation, so if in case you have points with any of the opposite settings or aren’t quite positive about them, don’t be afraid to depart them disabled.

Hope this post is helpful for you.

Thanks For Reading.

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