Blogger Vs WordPress in 2021

Blogger Vs Wordpress 2020

Hello, Friends Today we discuss Blogger Vs WordPress. In 2021 mostly bloggers use WordPress in Place Of Blogger, In fact, whose Bloggers who were using Blogger to Host their website now switching their Websites to WordPress.


Which one is Better to do Blogging in 2021

Let’s Choose Which one is the Best Options for doing Blogging in 2021 Blogger Vs WordPress

First, we Discuss Blogger which is the own product of Google 

Blogger is Basically a free platform to doing blogging or creating a blog, here you can make your blog 100% free you don’t want to pay any amount to Google.

Blogger Vs WordPress
Blogger Vs WordPress

So this is Blogger here you can create a free blog and start your blogging.

In Blogger you can able to make a blog whose domain was ended with (, but don’t worry Blogger is supporting Top Level Domains Like (.com, .in, .org, etc) you can add your domain name to Blogger without facing any problem.

  • Pros and Cons in Blogger For Blogging

Firstly I want to tell you that Blogger is not so advance in the place of WordPress, you don’t saw any option in Blogger about Plugins, Good Themes & many other options which are very important for a Blog, yes your websites performance and security are totally managed by Google but if you are starting blogging only for testing than Blogger is a good option but if you want to do Blogging Seriously I recommend you to make your blog on WordPress, not on Blogger.

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Your Blogs Performance is very good on blogger because your website is hosted on the servers of Google, and everyone knows how much fast Google is,

Your website also gets an SSL Certificate Issued by Google, you can track your page views also.

There are many problems in Blogger is that you can’t get any plugin for your website, Plugins are really important for our website because of some works like SEO, Caching, Security and all other things are important.

Blogger Vs WordPress Main Comparison

Blogger is not allowed you to create any Subdomain,  Email of your site, you can’t get any Database of your site like Cpanel which is available in WordPress Hosting & many other problems which are not good to doing blogging, at this time Competition in very High in Blogging Industry, if your website is not Good you never be Successful in Blogging Industry and Blogger is Not suitable for a Powerful Website.

If you want to get Successful in Blogging Industry you have to choose WordPress in place of Blogger, WordPress is recommended by Many Popular Bloggers, and they host their websites in WordPress, not on Blogger.

if you want to make a blog for free go to Blogger

  1. Sign in With your Gmail Account because Blogger is the Product of Google so you have to use the Gmail account, you don’t want to do any sign-up. when you log in with your Gmail account you see this page

2. Just Enter Your Name (Not Blog Name Enter Authors name) & click on Continue to Blogger

Now you have able to Create a Blog For Free

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  • Now Discuss WordPress

If you want to create a Powerful website I suggest you use WordPress because WordPress is the best platform to create a good website.

WordPress Supports Many options which are not available in Blogger, WordPress is very simple to use you can simply add any Plugin, Theme, Pages, Categories. you can also add cache plugins to clear all caches on your website.

Themes that are available on WordPress, are not available on Blogger. If you want to Create a Professional, Business Website & want to earn money from it than WordPress is Amazing, but if you starting blogging as a hobby than Blogger is the Best Choice.

  • Pros and Cons in WordPress

WordPress gives you complete control over your blog or Website and you can do anything whatever you want to do on your website/blog.

Here you can host your own files, you can design it, use it for any purpose.

You also get control over adding SEO plugins to make your blog more SEO friendly.

You can also add Star Ratings to your Blog through Rich Snippets

WordPress is a Very Good Platform where you can do everything you want to do in your blog.

If you want to use WordPress for your Blog/Website you have to install WordPress from your Cpanel which is in your Hosting. Hosting par WordPress is available in two platforms first paid and second is free Hosting for WordPress if you are a beginner and want to WordPress but you don’t have money to buy the Hosting than you have to try WordPress with free hosting.

After Purchasing Domain and Hosting you have to Install WordPress From your Cpanel available in your Hosting. if you face any problem in Installing WordPress Read 

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After Installing WordPress you have to Manage Your Website.

  • Managing your site

Once you’ve installed WordPress you can access your WordPress Admin Dashboard

  • Creating a blog post

when you’ll want to create your first blog post. The WordPress editor has the same kind of options you get in a word processor.

You can add a New Post with all Features Like Heading, Inserting Links, Bold Text, and much more.

  • Themes in WordPress

You can get many themes in the Themes Option in your Admin Dashboard when you click on Themes you see many themes are available in the themes section. You can download and install themes for free. Mostly free themes are available there, but if you want to buy Premium themes for your WordPress Blog/Website you have to go to these sites


Here you can buy Premium WordPress themes for your website or blog.

  • Plugins in WordPress

There are many Plugins available in the Plugins section, you can download and install a plugin for your all works like SEO, Contact Form, Security, Cache, etc.

Here you can search for plugins and install and activate for use.

In short, WordPress gives you more power than Blogger and you can customize it according to your needs.

So, friends, I hope you like this post, if you get any problem in using WordPress just comment on this post or Go to Youtube and Watch Video.


Blogger Vs WordPress

It’s a very important step to choose a suitable platform for doing Blogging.

I hope that this Post will Surely Gonna help you out about your concerning Topic.

Happy Blogging!


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