Become Blogger in 2022 | How to Become Successful Blogger in 2022

Become Blogger in 2020

Become Blogger in 2021 By following some good tips on your Blog/Website. Hye Reader, If you become a successful blogger you will get fame, money, and other things. So Let’s Get Started with Some good & effective tips for your Blog/Website.

At First, I want to tell something to all of you that, to become a successful Blogger you have to do work hard with smartness if you think that you just publish a new post and that post will make you rich and make your blog/website famous, then sorry my dear friend you will never be a successful blogger.

Become Blogger in 2020
Become Blogger in 2021

The real meaning of a Successful Blogger is a Successful Blog/Website when your blog becomes famous & people visiting your blog & the main thing that you have generating revenue through your blog means that your Blog/Website is Successful and you are a Successful Blogger.

Wanna Know How to Become a Successful Blogger?

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Tips To Become a Successful Blogger

1. Publish  2-3 posts on Your Website Every Week

Publishing posts to your blog is very important for your Blog/Website. If you are doing Blogging as a Part-timer Publish at least 2 posts in a week and if you are a Full-Time Blogger than you have to publish at least 1 post in a Day. Publishing posts regularly will make your blog good and Google will check everything as you know.

2. Be Active on all Social Platforms

You have to be active on all social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest

Because peoples now get active on social platforms, they spend their time on social media platforms that I mentioned on top, so you have to be also Activate on all Social Platforms and always sharing your blog posts.

3. Write Articles in Approx 1500-2500 Words

You have to write your Articles in 1500-2500 words to Rank Higher on Google. If your article is in 2000 words then it indexes fastly on google & has a 100% chance to Rank on 1st Position on Google.

4. Use High-Quality Images 

Always use high-quality images for your article. It will also increase the quality of your blog. High-quality images make your post very good, when anyone visits your website then they don’t bore by reading when he sees images he likes your blog. If you want Copyright Free Images for your Article you can go to PEXELS here you can get High-quality images for free.

5. Always Write Quality & Genuine Content

Write your content on your Blog it called Quality Content. Don’t copy content from any other site, if you do that your Blog/Website will never Rank Higher on Google & any other search engine. If you write your quality content you will get more traffic on your Blog/Website.

6. Create Privacy Policy, Contact Us & About Us Pages

Some pages are very important for your Blog/Website. Must Create Privacy Policy, Contact Us, Disclaimer &  About Us Page. These pages are necessary for Adsense Approval without these pages you never get Adsense Approval For your Blog/Website & Never Start your earning through your Blog/Website.

7. Use a Responsive, SEO Friendly & User-Friendly Theme

If you want to make your Blog/Website Good, Fast, SEO Friendly & user-Friendly then you have to use a good theme on your Blog/Website. A good theme is like a good interior of your house, if your blog looks good then everyone likes your blog.

8. Reply to All Comments

Please reply to all comments on your Blog/Website because if anyone commented on your Blog/Website and he can’t get any reply from your Blog/Website then what happened, the visitor will never come to your Blog/Website again. So please reply to all Comments.

9. Learn the Basics Of SEO

Learn the Basics of SEO to get your Blog/Website in Search Engines, without SEO your website will never be seen in Seach Engines and Never Ranks High in Search Engines Like Google, Bing, and Other Search Engines. To make your blog powerful please Learn about the Basics of SEO.

If you want to Learn Basic SEO

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10. Use Email For Newsletters

Using this you ask your visitors to subscribe to your blog. When you publish a new post an email automatically sent to your subscribers which means your subscribers visit your site again & again.

11. Use Google Adsense

Using Google Adsense you have paid from it when your Blog/Website approved by Google Adsense you can Show Ads on your Blog/Website. By showing Ads on your Blog/Website you can Generate a Good Amount of Revenue. Google Adsense is the best Ad Network in the World, Never use any other Ad Network in Place of Google Adsense.

12. Make an Easy Contact Option

Your Blog/Website must have a “Contact Form so the user can able to contact you when they want and try to reply to all users who were sent you a message.

13. Tell About Your Blog/Website

Your Blog/Website must contain “About Us” so your visitors will able to know about your Blog/Website. This Page is Very important for your blog because everyone likes to visit a trustable website and if you have a right About Us page 90% chance that the visitor will trust on your website & always visits your website.

14. Take Actions on the Suggestion of User

If any visitor will give you suggestions in improving your Blog/Website, then follow it. Suppose anyone tells you to improve the quality of images in your Blog/Website please follow their suggestion, improve it. They Suggest you improve anything in your Blog/Website because they are a regular visitor to your website and they facing an issue again & again then they tell you to improve it.

15. Get in Touch with your Visitors

If you get in touch with your visitors they like your Blog/Website. Talk with them, Solve their problems. If you will never talk with visitors, never solved their problem they never come to your Blog/Website. Be a good friend of your visitors.

So, Friends, these are some Tips to Become a Successful Blogger! If you want to ask me anything then leave a comment, I will reply to your comment & if you want to suggest an improvement on my Website then tell me!

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